September 4, 2020

By Frank Zuniga, Realtor for Greg Weber Realtors, Inc.

Austin Texas

September 4, 2020.  Have you heard of the Kissing Tree new home community in San Marcos?  If not then I want to let you know about their Cottages collection of homes. There are five floor plans in the collection. The smallest one is the Nelson floor plan with 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms and is priced at $273,990.  The largest floor plan is the Burke which has 1903 square feet and 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms and a 2 car garage.  The Burke is priced at $317,990.  These cottages are all in the plan stage and all will be built around the 18th hole of the Kissing Tree 18-hole golf course.  They also come with full-yard maintenance as they are just about as close to the 18th hole as possible without risking that errant golf ball from the golfer that decided to use the 5 iron instead of the 9.   Image living that close to the golf course if you’re a golfer?  Even if you’re not a golfer and live alone, you’ll always be able to just walk outside and chat up some of the golfers so you’ll never be lonely!  Just keep your dog from doing their thing on the putting green of the 18th hole.  That wouldn’t be a nice surprise for a golfer as they line up to sink their putt!  

These cottage prices are well below the Austin-Round Rock metropolitan statistical area (MSA) median home price of $353,000 which was reported by the Austin Board of Realtors for the month of July 2020.  Some of the top three things buyers are looking for in a new home are affordability, location, and home design.  So we’ve already get to check the block on affordability.  As far as location, Kissing Tree is located just west of IH-35 in San Marcos and has that firm hill country feeling.  It also right between Austin and San Antonio.  San Antonio is the 7th largest city in nation and Austin comes in at number 14.  Don’t overlook San Marcos itself – it is a unique college town with fantastic culture, food, college sports, nature, and many things to do.  So for me, this certainly checks the block on location.  Plus one of the biggest developments that is coming from the covid-19 pandemic is the ability to live further and further away from your actual job location.  Recent studies estimate that about one-third of our entire workforce may end up working from home for at least some of the time as a result of the pandemic.  When people can work from home and only have to physically travel to work on a few days a week or a few days a month, they can now live further and further away from work.  In Austin, many people used to think of Jarrell and Marble Falls as being too far away, but the new environment makes those places very attractive.  It’s no longer a foreign idea to have your work location in Austin or San Antonio and to live in San Marcos.  I recently heard that some people who live and work in New York City are now considering living an hour or more away from the city.  In fact, I have a friend named, Tim, who lives in Highland Falls, NY and he used to take the train from there to NYC every day on Monday to Friday for work.  I bet Tim jumped on the work from home concept as soon as the pandemic restrictions started!

The next thing to talk about is home design.  We’ve learned from the pandemic that people want multi-functional homes that can help them accomplish many things.  People want laundry rooms with storage, easily accessible mud rooms that allow easily transition to the living area, Zoom rooms, exercise rooms, and privacy.  Recent studies indicate that home shoppers now prefer more functionality that fits their unique needs instead of wanting more square feet.  They are also concerned about their health even more and want to know they are breathing clean air, drinking clean water, and have surfaces that are easy to clean.  Those touchless water faucets you’ve seen on TV commercials are now super-hot items!  These cottages include design elements such as these: entry foyer, walk in pantry, walk in closet, covered patio, a study with a half-bath, to name a few.  Only you can decide if these cottages provide everything you’re looking for in a brand new home. 

Click on the image below to see a larger version. 

Just reach out to me if you’re interested in finding out more about Kissing Tree Cottages or any other Kissing Tree homes.  Don’t forget I also serve the entire Austin metro area so I can obtain for you the latest information that builders have on brand new homes.     

If you need to reach me you can always contact me here at:  You can also contact me here though my website at:  My website has a widget on the home page that also allows you to conduct your own home searches.

Kissing Tree is a 55 plus master planned community located in San Marcos, Texas.  It includes an 18-hole golf course, a club house, a pool, and trails.  The community plan contains lots for 3200 homes. 

Lastly, I’m doing a shameless plug for my favorite San Marcos restaurant.  It is called Grins Restaurant and it is located at 802 N. LBJ Drive.  If you’re really hunger try the chicken fried steak…it’s so good!

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Frank Zuniga

I am a Realtor who lives in Austin, Texas. I serve the entire Austin metro area. I specialize in brand new homes for my clients. I spent a career in the military and then got into real estate when I retired. I've also flipped and renovated a few homes and I'm a professional engineer well-versed in what it takes to build a solid home that will be a joy to live in.

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